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Fisherman’s Rest

Saturday at Fisherman’s Rest

We were able to borrow a car at the weekend so on Saturday morning we headed off to Fisherman’s Rest.

It is located on the edge of the escarpment with views down into the Shire Valley (see my ‘Zambezi’ post).

There is a cafe / restaurant with great views and a kind of living room / library / reading room as well as books and crafts for sale. Outside there is a nature reserve with a number of (not dangerous) wild animals – unless you count snakes. Ruth found a swing made from an old tyre and further along there is a lodge, a couple of cottages and some lookout ‘huts’ and tents.

Relaxing at Fisherman's Rest

I think it is a great place to relax for a few hours. We of course made the mistake of going for a long hard walk in the heat of the day searching for these animals (think ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’).

We had another appointment on Saturday afternoon – a birthday party!


View towards the Zambezi

I was studying a Malawi map last night and in particular comparing the known distance that I could see (the top of the escarpment down to the Shire River) with the unknown much greater distance that we could see, towards very distant hills.

As the rain and clouds start to clear you can see as far as the Shire River below from Fisherman's Rest.

We went to Fisherman’s Rest at the weekend which has great views over the Shire Valley from our vantage point in the Shire Highlands. When you are living in Blantyre you don’t suspect that you are living in highlands until you get to the edge of the escarpment a few miles away and look down. The rains clear the haze and you can see long distances on clear days at this time of year.
A few minutes later the rain and clouds are cleared and you can see much further. I am sure that distances can be deceptive but those distant hills look several times further than the Shire past Lengwe National Park. My map says that the next hills in that direction are by the Zambezi.
I had suspected at the time that we were seeing hills and valleys towards or around the Zambezi River, I was pretty sure we were seeing well beyond the Malawi – Mozambique border. The distance that we could see was certainly several times the distance from our vantage point to the Shire River.

After looking at the map last night and plotting our spot and the Shire River I came to the tentative conclusion that the distant hills are indeed the ones that I could see on the map in Mozambique and next to the great Zambezi River.

When we lived in Malawi we never travelled to Mozambique so places like the Zambezi or the Indian Ocean create a bit of the ‘beyond our world’ feeling in me.