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I have been preparing a blog post on the Mulanje Mountain Porters Race. I have a slight delay on the internet at home so here is a blog by someone else – for you to copy and paste. It seems to say something along the lines of my own arguments of ‘come and visit Malawi!’.

This post is done via my wordpress app on my iPhone. I have not yet worked out how to insert a proper link yet, and have not even tried that yet on this iPhone app.



Malawi Blogging

There are a lot of things I am itching to write about but failing to find the time for, or when I find the time I am too tired. Instead I fill in with blog posts that are more worthy of a facebook update or a tweet.

So, I thought in the meantime, to maintain quality for readers, I would highlight for you another Malawi blog which is very good and which I have been following. We were reading this blog from before we arrived in Malawi and this blog belongs to a couple called Kate and Sandy Evans who also live here in Blantyre.

Interestingly they are now writing about Mozambique. However, one of the great things about Malawi is that it is a ideal and practical place from which to explore some of the more remote parts of Mozambique (and the other two neighbouring countries).

Malawi is probably a better and closer base from which to explore the remote and wild north-east of Mozambique then from Maputo in the far south of Mozambique.

Have a read: this post below is the first in a series on Mozambique.

I don’t know how to post a link! Tried and it did not work. So just leaving the url for you to copy and paste.


I don’t have a ‘blogroll’ which would be the logical place for the Muli Bwanji Blog to go. I looked at getting a sidebar so that I could put it there but it messed up all my photos. So I might start changing the way I put photos on the blog so I can aim for a sidebar and blogroll at a later stage.

The main Blantyre blogger

Before coming to Malawi we followed Kate and Sandy Evans blog.

There is an update today.