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Thinking of you back in Europe

There are times in Malawi when ones thoughts float back to those of you working hard in the Republic of Europe. I know it is hard work striving to bail out the banks that loaned a lot of money to the Greek government. But hey – sometimes I think about you. One such occasion was yesterday when I went over to the Mount Soche Hotel swimming pool at lunchtime.

We have become members of the swimming pool at this top Blantyre hotel. The three month family membership is the equivalent of about £22 or about 25 Euros.

I must admit, I needed the rest as not everyone in Malawi is a Malawian. Malawians are warm, sincere, gentle, polite and welcoming people. Most westerners here are actually along the same lines.

A brief swim, a coffee with cake and an apple pie sorted out my blues. This is supposed to be the ‘cool season’ weather wise. I’ll settle for this kind of winter.


A Scottish Visitor

After some car buying negotiations Sam and I went to the bus station to meet Simon Mein from Scotland. His parents and mine know each other and I realised why he and I did not know each other when he later told me that his family left Malawi in 1972.

We wondered why the luxury bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre was a bit behind schedule. When it arrived Simon told us that after clearing the busy-ness of Lilongwe Airport (Kamuzu International Airport) the bus driver stopped so that they could pray for a safe journey to Blantyre. It was a long prayer apparently.

After a short pause I said, “That happens all the time in Scotland.”

Since leaving Malawi in 1972 Simon told us that he spent a year teaching at St Andrews Secondary School in Blantyre, Malawi and that had been a left transforming experience.

Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, in the conversation yesterday with Rev Kay Day from the USA who was describing the impact of working visits to Malawi for people from her own country.